My name is Sarah and I am the owner and one of Clique’s Lead Photographers.  The other half of my team is co-Lead Photographer and editing master mind Erin.  On your wedding day, you might find me busting out a funky dance move or Erin sharing cool, interesting bits of random knowledge.  We are two unique individuals that share one common vision for your day - to capture every raw detail with truly memorable photos.  Kind of magical right?

Now I want you to forget we exist.   Really.  Pay not attention to the ladies behind the cameras.  Instead, simply live in the moments of your day, and trust that we are doing our job and capturing these moments with gorgeous photography.  We promise not to treat you like a puppet on your wedding day - because puppets are creepy.  Instead of posing you and staging fake moments through out your day, we inspire you to cut the strings and enjoy your real, honest, beautifully imperfect day. It's YOUR day and we are here so you can remember all of the most important, heart-warming details as they truly happen.