Real life happens between the poses.

What do you want to remember on your wedding day?  Sure, you want to have the gorgeous, picture perfect photos that you see all over Pinterest.  I mean, who doesn’t want perfect pictures of their wedding day?  But chances are that what you really want to remember, are the moments that happen between those poses.  What if you could have both?  That’s exactly what our Clique wants.  Beautiful photos created from the real moments shared on their day.  Beautiful imperfection.  Because, let’s face it, life isn’t perfect.  But it doesn’t make it any less amazing.  Your day is worth remembering in raw, honest, breath-taking imperfection.  And we’re here to capture it beautifully.







“You will be so impressed with Clique! We are incredibly grateful that they were the ones behind the lens for this special time in our lives.”
“I love Clique! They are so easy to work with, easy to talk to and fun.”